Hello there!  So you're thinking about a destination wedding.  Great!  Destination weddings can provide incredible memories for both the couple and their guests.  If you're not exactly sure where you'd like to say your I Do's here are 5 things to help you decide if this is the right type of celebration for you.  

The Grandma Test -  That hilltop hotel you visited when you guys were dating was dreamy -  not to mention full of memories but think through the logistics of getting your entire group there, from guests to vendors.  I suggest using "the grandma test" is it feasible for her to take a long flight and then a long drive?"  Going in with a complete picture of who will actually be able to attend is often a deciding factor when it comes to location. 

Think Outside The Beach - Beaches are only one option when it comes to destination weddings.  Also consider snow-covered mountains, rustic ranches, wine regions, and your favorite city abroad.

Cuisine & Culture - Naturally the local flavors of foods and people will shape the celebration so make sure you're a fan first!

Forecast - It's important to look into the weather for the time of year that you plan to be married.  Temperature is a biggie - and don't forget to think about humidity, precipitation, wind, and bugs

Budget - Depending on the time of year (is it peak tourist season) hotel and airfare prices can vary dramatically.  Be proactive and make sure that the costs are something that your treasured family and friends can cover reasonably.

Save the Dates - As soon as you decide on your location send out a save the date to your nearest and dearest.  You can't give too much warning to people who will be vacationing this year but didn't even know it!