Meet Andrea


Give me six months or even six weeks and ask me to create a one-of-a-kind celebration and I’m in my glory.  Nothing thrills me more than new locations, new design requests, or challenging timelines.  With a specialty in quick planning I rarely have more than a year to design celebrations.  I’m always ready for a new adventure, and making the impossible not only possible, but also exquisite makes my heart sing!  I consider it a compliment when my clients ask me, curiously, how I can produce such luxurious events so quickly.  Some things are better left a mystery!

I’m not interested in mass-producing events and Andrea Freeman Events has given me the opportunity to create a bespoke service for my clients. Knowing there is no single formula for event planning, entertaining, and hosting I customize the process to suit the distinct taste and style of each individual client.

The success of every event depends on the team of professionals chosen to bring it all to life.  I love my immensely talented team as well as my vendors – they are creative geniuses!

My mid-town Manhattan design studio is located dangerously close to Saks Fifth Avenue (you've been warned), but you may never see it because I think planning meetings are most enjoyable with a cup of joe or something bubbly! xxxAndrea